Rinjani FAQ

    • When is the best trekking season for Mount Rinjani?

      Any time throughout the dry months from April to December. The mountain is closed for hiking throughout the rainy season from January to March. During the rainy season, we provide Senaru Panorama Walk, Gili Kondo island camping – snorkeling and hiking Pergasingan Hill Sembalun.


    • What is the difficulty level of the trek?

      Climbing Rinjani is tough, but anyone in reasonable shape should be able to manage. Porters will be provided throughout the climb but you are expected to carry your own personal daypack of fewer than 8 kilograms. Normal trekking throughout except for some scrambling towards the summit. No rock climbing or technical climbing skills are needed. Summit sunrise climb is entirely optional, climbers who would like to conserve their energy instead could choose to have a longer rest and wait for their teammates at the crater rim.

    • How long does it take to climb Rinjani?

      The typical route which covers the crater rims, summit, and lake takes 3D-2N to cover. The trekking durations are Day 01 ~ 7 hrs; Day 02 ~ 12 hrs; Day 03 ~ 6 hrs. (Timings are estimated and depends on the trip package and individual trekker’s physical stamina and conditions)

    • When is the summit day and how is it like?

      The summit day is on Day 02 of the trek. You will wake up around 2.30 am for the summit climb. It takes about 3 hrs to reach the summit (for sunrise if you can reach on time) and another 1,5 hours to descend back to the campsite.

    • Do the guide and porters speaks English?

      Our guides are conversant in English but most porters can only understand simple English.

    • What is the accommodation like on the Rinjani climb?

      You will be sleeping in the hotel provided on your arrival day and on the mountain camping in a tent with a sleeping bag and sleeping mat provided

    • Where can I leave my extra luggage during the trek?

      You can deposit them at our office in Senaru before the trek then after the trek, the driver will drive you back to our office to collect back your luggage before your onward journey.

    • Is travel insurance provided in the package?

      Travel insurance is included in the package price.

The Gate Rinjani
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